What if I’m not home?

If you will not be home during the delivery hours please let us know in the notes at checkout & we will leave the bag at your doorstep. If you are unable to refrigerate immediately we recommend that you leave a cooler out by the door for the drivers to put the bag in. Please be mindful that the bag is made of paper & some of the containers are fiber base & will be soften if there is water in the cooler. Although this food contains no animals products we do recommend that the food is not left out for longer than 1 hour. 

Where do you leave the bag?

We will leave the bag by the front door if no one is there when the driver arrives. It will be the customer's responsibility to take care of the food once it has been delivered.


What if I live in an apartment building or condo?

If you live in an apartment building or condo we ask that you meet your driver downstairs. This will help ensure that all of the customers receive their food by dinner time. 

I'm a subscriber & I changed my phone number or address; now what?

Please update your information in your customer portal so that notifications can continue to be sent to you regarding your order & deliveries are made to the correct location. 

Do you allow modifications or substitutions?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate substitutions or modifications. Please let us know in advance if you have any severe allergies. 


How much variety is in the menus?

Creativity is our passion, which is why we offer new menus all year long! (A menu never repeats in one year).


I want to subscribe, are there any commitments?

Yes, Both the bi-weekly & weekly subscriptions have a 1 month commitment. After that you can skip weeks or cancel before the cut off which is at 11:59pm on the Tuesday night before each delivery.


Do you sell out?

Yes, we do. We offer this service to a small group each week. Since the space is limited we will have to close the availability once our limit is reached.


Is all of the food vegan?

Yes, it is! We do not use any animal products in our meals. Our meals are also gluten free & soy free. 


Can I add meat to my meals?

Yes, many of our customers do not consider themselves vegan & may choose to add their own meat to our dishes. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore, we believe that everyone thrives by incorporating more plants & whole foods into their diet. Check out our philosophy page for more info.

Will I feel full after eating a meal?

Yes! Besides the fact that our portions are generous, each meal is also macro nutrient balanced. This makes food more satiating. Macro nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, fats. You need to have all 3  present in each meal in proper proportions to feel full enough to take to get you to the next meal without snacking. We also pride ourselves in making hearty healthy food!

What's in each meal pack?

Each meal delivery pack contains 6 large meals, 2 servings of each of the 3 items offered with each menu. We offer a unique pre-set menu style rather than al la carte. Many of our customers tell us it ends up being more than 6 meals for them, which we love!

How do you prepare the food?

All of the food is made in a certified commercial kitchen and is as fresh as it gets, 100% of our food is made from scratch on the day of delivery. Right down to every sauce & marinade. Our dried beans & lentils are soaked overnight to help maximize digestibility & nutrient absorption. We put in all of the extra hard work so you can have time for other things in life!


How long will my meals stay fresh?

Since we don't use any preservatives, we advise our customers to enjoy their meals within 5-6 days of delivery. We do believe that all food is most medicinal when enjoyed as fresh as possible, so we recommend it be consumed within 3-4 days of delivery if possible. 


Can I freeze my meals?

Dishes like soups and curries can be transferred to an airtight container & transferred to the freezer to be enjoyed at a later time. Our salad dishes should not be frozen. All other dishes potentially be frozen at the discretion of the customer, although we do recommend enjoying them fresh if possible. 


Are there instructions provided for reheating the meals?

Yes, each meal comes with suggested stovetop heating instructions on the printed menu that comes in your delivery bag. You are welcome to use a microwave however we do not offer microwave heating suggestions, because we do not recommend using a microwave. Our fiber base containers are microwave & oven safe, up to 300 degrees for 30 minutes.

All of our salads are created to be enjoyed cold, as well as an additional cold menu item that we feature throughout the summer season. These will not have suggested heating instructions.